Cat, Union Jack and antique brass jug.

antique tragedy

An antique fair.  A dead stallholder.  Can an amateur sleuth both bag a bargain and identify a killer?

Trainee antique expert, Dotty Sayers, is feeling vulnerable after being framed for art trafficking by a trusted friend.  She welcomes the distraction of visiting a vintage sale but is alarmed when an exhibitor is found dead.

The police’s resources are stretched when a valuable antiquity is stolen at the same event.  As Dotty conducts her own enquiries, this amateur detective can’t help thinking there is more at stake than one man’s death.

Can Dotty scratch off the varnish and expose the truth?

Antique Tragedy is the fifth book in the engaging Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery series.  If you like puzzling mysteries, real-life characters and a charming British setting then you’ll be enthralled by Victoria Tait’s page-turning whodunit.

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