Cover Priceless Betrayal

Priceless Betrayal

A victim who dies twice. A web of deceit. With the help of her friends, can an amateur sleuth crack the case, or will she pay the ultimate price?

Trainee antique expert, Dotty Sayers, knows she’s in trouble when a dead body disappears.  She’s relieved the victim is alive, but her confusion turns to alarm when she finds him dead, again.

It’s all smoke and mirrors as evidence mounts against this amateur detective, and convinced she’s deceived them, her police associates turn their backs on her.  With only her close friends believing she’s innocent, she’s determined to clear her name.

Can Dotty uncover the truth before she’s stabbed in the back?

Priceless Betrayal is the sixth book in the captivating Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery series.  If you like puzzling mysteries, engaging characters and the quintessential English countryside, you’ll be enraptured by this page-turning whodunit.

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